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Hello there!

I was wondering which is currently the best or, let's say, the most practical solution virtualization software-wise. I am entering in the MCSA race now and really would like to implement virtualized WS and servers on one computer.

What is minimum hardware requirement? How many virtual machines can I create on one computer? Can I set up a virtual LAN easily?

I quite new on this area icon_confused.gif and really need some help :D



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    Hi Glenus,

    The actual software used is more down to personal preference, some people will suggest Virtual Server/PC and others will suggest VMware.

    You should be able to get a evaluation copy of each (infact Virtual Server is free anyway) to test and see which you prefer. Personally I use VMware but thats just the one i found easier to get on with when i first looked at them. If i took the time to look at Virtual Server again i may find it to be better but im stuck with the old thought "if its not broken dont fix it" icon_lol.gif

    Whats your current PC configuration?

    Virtual Machines are dependant on two factors really Processor and RAM but above all RAM, each machine uses the RAM allocated to it. So if you run two instance of XP at 512MB and it is hosted on XP running at 512MB you need 1536MB RAM to run them all.

    Host RAM + Virtual Machine RAM + Virtual Machine RAM..... = Amount needed

    On 1GB RAM you should be able to run two XP Boxes and one 2K3 Server, be it a bit slow definetly workable.

    Harddisk space is needed for each aswell but with each machine not needing more than 2/5/10GB each my guess is most people will run out of RAM before HD space.

    Virtual LANs are easy within VMware its almost as easy as point and click, i cannot comment too far on Virtual PC but as i remember it was pretty much the same.

    So my suggestion is to grab a copy of each, take a look and see what you think. Also search these forums as many people have had this conversation before and you will find what was said then.
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    whats the difference between vmware workstation and vmware server?
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    VMware Server is free aswell:

    Virtual Server:

    As for the difference:

    I believe Virtual Server is optimised for running/running on server platforms though I have WK3 servers running on Workstation at present that are fine though I must say they arnt very complex at present perhaps i will meet some restrictions later.

    I also believe you can run VMware Server as a service rather than an application like Workstation allowing it to continue running whilst no one is logged into the machine.

    Data Sheets are avaliable on both:

    VMWare Workstation:

    VMWare Server:

    [Edit -
    VMWare have not produced a comparison chart but guys at have, it can be found here:
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    Thanks for your reply Sie.

    I think I will try both VMWare and Virtual Server. I won't hesitate if I need some more help!!
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    Only VMWare Workstation can create loadable images from a operating system installation CD or ISO. You also need a licensed copy of the OS that you will be running. VMWare isn't a free way to run Windows.
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