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Let me start by saying I have been doing helpdesk type work for about 3 years, a little bit of everything...printers, networking, troubleshooting...mostly all XP/2k3. My employer wants me to get CCNA by this summer.

I have zero Cisco experience, and dont know much about the cert either. I have a BS in CIS (mostly software development), MCDST, Net+, A+...and have been prepping for MCSA which I hope to have done in a couple months.

I looked through some of the stickies and still have a few questions.

1 - What are the exam requirements to pass the test? I saw someone with with an 815 that failed? Is that out of 1000?

2 - Would I be best off taking the 2 part exams or the 1 part?

3 - Can book study alone get me through this?

I can typically have about 4 hours a day to study, what kind of timeframe do you think this can be done in?


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    Welcome to the wonderful world of Cisco!

    1- Passing scores are not given out and are protected by the NDA.

    2- It really is a personal preference I think. If you learn all the material you could save yourself a few bucks by taking the 802. I heard it helps some people new to Cisco to take the two exam path as it helps break up the material.

    3- It can be done, but you would have a much better understanding if you get a lab and practice away. When I take an exam I spend as much time in the lab as in the books.

    The time frame really depends on the person. From what I have seen on the forum most people spend between three to seven months. If you catch on quick and have the basics you could probably do it in about three to four months.
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    That is a perfect answer.
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    Hi Brad...

    Sounds like you have everything you need to be able to start working on the CCNA. In the Cisco world, the CCNA is the pre-req for all the specialist and professional certifications. I think you should be able to do CCNA by this summer if you put your mind to it.

    It's up to you how you approach the exams. There are positives and negatives to both the 2-test and 1-test method. Obviously 1 exam is cheaper and requires less time in the testing station, but your risk of failure is higher because there is more material, so you might end up retaking it anyway. I would start studying the material and then decide "ok, I hate VTP and Spanning Tree, let's save that for test2" or "this is too much for one exam, let's break it in to two".

    Study books alone can probably get you through the theory but on the test are simlets and simulation questions. For example, one of the stated objectives for CCNA is to be able to set up RIP. They might ask you to do this in a simulator or they just might ask you to pick a multiple choice.

    For this, you'll want to have some actual experience. Many people take a multifaceted approach to studying the cisco stuff. This consists of videos (CBT's), Official Books (Cisco Press), Non-Official Books (Sybex), Practice Tests (learnkey, trainsignal), and either rent time in a lab, buy a lab consisting of a few low-end routers and switches, or use their equipment at work.
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    brad-brad- Member Posts: 1,218
    Thanks a bunch for the replies.

    From the looks of it, CCENT is granted by passing the first of the 2 test option. Is that true?
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    brad- wrote:
    Thanks a bunch for the replies.

    From the looks of it, CCENT is granted by passing the first of the 2 test option. Is that true?

    Yes and if you take the 802 you will not earn a CCENT but you will earn the CCNA in one exam.
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