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Hello all.

I've been looking around on here and see that a lot of people recommend Transcender. I recently did an MBS exam and purchased a practice test from 'another source', and was pretty shocked when i got into the exam to find that the questions were almost identical. I'm now preparing for the 70-290 and was going to do something similar, but dont want to take any shine of an exam pass.

I just wanted to get a feel about what people think about using Transcender and the like.



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    I use Transcender for all my exams. Going through all their scenarios helps me work through the material gain a better understanding of it . A lot of their questions are really long-winded like the actual questions, so it will prepare you for those walls of text as well. They also have sims, drag-n-drops, etc., just like on the real test. I know some people are really thrown for a loop the first time they take an MS test. Being familiar with the various formats of the questions will definitely help you out. I recommend it; it's not a **** like that other resource you happened across.
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    Ok, great.

    So what your saying is, there are some on the market that are basically exact exam questions, but transcender is a more 'acceptable' form of a learning resource? (i.e. nobody really considers practice exams as a 'leg-up' in passing an exam???

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    Yep. You can search to see if a source is legitimate here: put in and the url of the other resource you used.

    Practice tests are everywhere. On this site, at the end of chapters or in the back of the books you read, etc. As long as they're legitimate resources, there's nothing wrong with using them.
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    Thanks very much for the info, that has eased by Conscience somewhat!!!
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    For the 70-270 I used ExamCram book and CramMaster software - turns out it is exactly the same, so one or the other is fine.

    The questions were very similar to the ones on the real test. My one piece of advice with the CramMaster software is to make sure you go through ALL their adaptive phases before taking the Simulated Exam and MAKE SURE YOU TAKE THE SIMULATED EXAM AT LEAST TWO DAYS BEFORE the actual test!

    It's good software though; the questions were spot-on. I got a respectable 857 on the 70-270.
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