Experience w/2nd job?

Hey everyone,
I am currently a CCNA and am working my way to finish the MCSE 2k3 track. I began my current job about 7-8 months ago in hopes of getting more hands on, real world cisco experience (as a backup to the current "Cisco guy"), along with server support (my primary role).

Unfortunately due to some restructuring, all cisco equipment is being handled by someone else and I primarily handle Servers, backups and such.

My question is, do you have any advice as to how I can get some more Cisco experience while still holding my current job? I would like to pursue CCNP, however I feel the cert won't be as strong w/o more real world experience on my resume. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you guys!

PS - I made a post about this in the CCNP board, but I figured it kinda qualifies to be posted here as well. :)


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