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    Agreed! :D freak's site is great - he's also got some great study guides at www.mcsefreakpress.com
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    icon_idea.gif Some more good ones:

    Another great OSI study guide: http://www.certyourself.com/OSIguide.shtml

    And 48 OSI practice questions at http://www.cert21.com/0319d.htm
    (includes drag-and-drop questions)
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    i have a great chart for the OSI illustrating what hardware, services and protocols work at which layer.

    I have it in excel right now but I'll make it into a gif or png and post it somewhere for all to use.
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    Some good links from this site - wish I had stumbled across it before I did my Net+ exam. Even though I passed easily I really can not see the relevance in the 7 layer cake as most of the working techs I know ignore it completely and usually refer to 4 areas - End User Hardware, System hardware, Software, Stupid Dang Users .... lol
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    are you studying for any certifications at the moment russs?
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    Yes I am - I have just passed my A+ and Net+ over the last month and started 70-210 yesterday. Hopefully I can keep up my accelerated schedule and have a MCSA or MCSE by christmas. I love the study environment but I need to have a salary again .... lol
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