I got a new job

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I havent posted anything lately, but I am ALWAYS lurking..... icon_eek.gif

Anyways, I have a few questions if you guys (and gals) would be so kind to answer. Basically, here's the deal:

Right now, I am a communications engineer (which is just a glorified title for a remote helpdesk position for a few govt contracts). $$$ and benefits are good, but that is it. we support software and the connectivity of it and THATS IT. Sooooo.....I have been studying and looking constantly for new jobs but SC is no economic boom especially for IT.

well, to get to the point as i have already rambled way too much here, I got offered a IT Specialist position which, judging by what they have told me will probably move into network admin. I am not totally sure of my job duties yet. its a healthcare facility and a small (but growing) company and there are only the net admin and one other person and then me.

I had to take a small pay cut b/c i couldnt get them to take me at my current rate. they said they picked me out of many, many people (they all say they i am sure) but said i must prove i am worth what i make now (i work for very large company now). I hope its worth it to finally get to this level. this is the type of work i have been looking for but have been shunned away b/c of lack of experience. these guys say i have great skills they can build on. i dunno

well, again my whole reason for this ENTIRE RANT (again i apologize for its length) is that I had asked the other tech what they thought I should "brush up" on reading thru during my 2 weeks before I start and he said Active Directory and Group Policy.

my questions to you guys (FINALLY RIGHT icon_rolleyes.gif ) is do you guys have anything else I should probably "brush up" on as well? obviously I have never done server admin only client side stuff or router/switch config, etc. and I just want to be impressive when I go in there.

I know they will teach me "their way" of doing things, but if i have the foundation of say GPMC or an enable router statement then when he says, we do this, I will already know 50% of it. at least that;s my weird way of thinking. I will already be REALLY nervous so I dont wanna mess this up

thanks for any and all insights you all can provide and again, so for the REALLY REALLY LONG post so early in the morning
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    First of congrats on the new job!

    Do you know what all systems they are using? I'd find out what all they are using and get a good overview. Don't be to nervous they hired you and are willing to train you so just go in with an open mind and suck up all the information you can. Nothing worse than a new guy who thinks he knows it all.
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    Nothing worse than a new guy who thinks he knows it all.


    Congrats on the job, sometimes we have to make sacfices to get to where we want to be or do what we want to do, unfortuantly its part of life but you have to look at whats the more important.

    Anyways as for your question I agree with networker you should find what systems they use and get an overview so you know what they are on about and what they do even if you dont know how to make them do it yet.

    As said they picked you for a reason and they will train you up and teach you how they want you to do things so just be alert, positive and learn all you can. Remeber not to question too many things at this point, they do it like they do for a reason and it works for them.

    Sounds like a good oppertunity and i wish you all the best! :D
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    Yes, I believe they are using server 2003. they told me they were "cutting edge". so i asked about vista, etc. they said nooooooo... so i am assuming 2003 server.

    Thanks for the advice. I would never go in with the attitude that I know it all. I am just trying to at least present a lot of info to my brain for 2 weeks so that way when I am actually in there with them and he throws more questions my way (like he did in the interview), I dont have that deer in the headlights look again....... icon_eek.gificon_eek.gificon_eek.gif ahahah
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    for the advice. I didnt mean to say I would question the way they did it or be cocky when I went in there. What I meant to say was I was hoping to gain a foundation on numerous topics even though they would show me anyways. and basically would it be wasting my time if i did.

    i havent had any (or much exposure) to server side of things like backups, SCSI, etc except in vmware labs and I just want my ducks in a row is all. I plan on smiling, absorbing, and asking minimal questions hopefully. I write down EVERYTHING. that way I can commit to memory and also have it down on paper and at 3 am when something goes awry i can go to my notes and go "check"..

    anyways, thanks again for the positives guys. I really need em. I am confident in myself and my abilities but sometimes need a jumpstart
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    Congratulations on the new gig. icon_cool.gif
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    Google is hiring here in Charleston. I've seen a few ads for temp-to-hire positions on monster.
    Fantastic. The project manager is inspired.

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    I saw where Google is hiring there in Charleston....They also bought land here in Columbia and will be hiring for that facility.....when....no one knows

    BTW....anyone have good tutorials on group policy, AD, and
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    Breadfan wrote:
    BTW....anyone have good tutorials on group policy, AD, and

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    appreciate the link.....

    That looks like just what I am looking for :D
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    Congrat :)
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