using 640-532 resources to study 64-533

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I am having a hard time finding a lot of up2date resources for the 533

Would it be a total waste of time to use the 532 resources? My employer has an online (books 24x7) system that has a pretty good chunck of info for the 532, but I don't think they have anything for the 533.

Cisco press doesn't have a whole lot of newer stuff for the 533.

I will get what ever I can find, but I like to have as many resources as possible. I remember or the 640-802 I used a lot fo 801 resources and they were some what sufficient...

Hope this test is similar.
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    What I mean by that is, I hope that a combination of the old material and the new stuff will be sufficient.

    Well that material and a combination of lots of hands on... I have configured for ASAs with the IPS module in them so hopefully that is enough. I don't just mean configured, I mean, tested, watched the logs, wrote rules, pounded on hosts behind the IPS with metasploit etc...

    We are going to get a MARS but it is going to be prolly six more months, but I don't want to wait that long to take this test. Hopefully I can have this one done and a few others by then.
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    Looking at both exam blueprints, they don't see to be interested in the IDS anymore -- other than a reference to the difference between inline and promiscuous mode.

    And where they listed a gazillion tedious IDM tasks in the 532 version, they cut it down to fewer, but more generic tasks -- basically know how to use the IDM.

    It also looks like the old NM-CIDS is finally out -- and they are only interested in the good IPS stuff like the IPSs and the AIP-SSM and IDSM-2 modules.

    You might want to double check the suggested courses which changed from the 5.x version to the 6.x version. That could tell you what software version they would most be interested in. But what's funny, the 6.x version is a 3 day "update" to the 5 day 5.x version

    The Cisco Press CCSP IPS Exam Certification Guide still looks like its fine for the exam. If you keep track of the topics on the 533 blueprint and fill in with Docs and Whitepapers from the Cisco Web site, you should be fine.

    That, and LOTS of hands on practice (once you figure out which software version is best) and you should be good to go.
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    Right on thanks man!!!

    I think I will be good to go on the practice portion!

    Time to get busy!
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