CCNA Intro Exam 821

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has anyone done cisco intro exam 821 yet and if so what did they think of it, hope to do it myself in a few weeks



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    I took the beta last summer. Most questions are straight forward and quite basic. The high passing score does make it somewhat difficult. Mkae sure you know the well-known ports, including if they are UDP, TCP or both, configuring IP addressing and router passwords, and be able to describe the CSMA/CD in detail.

    Good luck!
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    thankyou web master, just one other thing, how do the ccna exams compare to mcp 70-210 & 70-215, i see you are certified in both.

    appreciate your help

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    MS exams are much more wordier and tricky. Cisco exams are straight forward. I think the CCNA exam is harder simply because the high passing score.
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    thanks for getting back to me so quick, one last question: Microsoft or Novell, whats your verdict, I see you are a cna and mcse. We have a netware 5.1 NOS in wk which is very good & stable but some of the guys would like to move to w2k but im of the opinion, if its not broke don't fix it.

    what do u think?

    thanks for your help.

    do u think it is worth having a forum on this?
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    Your welcome. :D

    Ah yes, I didn't have time to respond to your PM... our CCNA forum is not the place to discuss that, please start a new topic in the Off-topic forum. But in short, I agree, if it currently satisfies all business needs and you got the people to manage it, I would advice to move to win2k unless you need to use specific features of it. I upgraded myself from Netware to Windows about 8 years ago, so I'm sure others can give you better advice on it in a new thread.
    do u think it is worth having a forum on this?
    No, not really, but if plenty of people request it, I will be happy to create a Netware forum.
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    thanks again webmaster.
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    webmaster, after a bit of advice please, which cert should i go for first?

    1. cisco intro 821 then cisco icnd 811
    2. ms 70- 210 then 70-215

    i have done the courses and have books for both,

    which cert do you think i should go for first ?

    appreciate your advice.
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