Are ther simulators on the exam?

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Was thinking of sitting for the exam because I am getting ready to graduate from college and am going to be looking for a job shortly and figured the more certs I have the better.

My main question is whether or not there will be simulations on the exam similar to Cisco exams or if the questions are similar in nature (meaning the wording or methods in asking the questions). I already have my CCNA and passed the BSCI and ISCW for my CCNP.

Also curious as to how in depth they get with questions. I started back in the 90s with Red Hat 5.0, tried a SuSE, Ubuntu, DSL, and a handful of others, but have been running Gentoo for the last three years. Figured I wouldn't have any problems but thought I would ask people who have sat for it before I sat for it.

Any tips?

Also instead of making another post I figured I would ask another question here. After the Linux+ I was going to start working on MS certs, but didn't really know where to begin on those because there are so many. Could anyone point me in a general direction or have a link to a sort-of ladder explaining which ones to take in which order to get what?
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    Welcome to the forums. icon_cool.gif

    There are no sims on Linux+, it's all multiple guess. Have you downloaded the objectives from CompTIA.org? You should just so you don't run into any surprises on exam day.

    As far as MS certs, it's really up in the air. You could do either the MCSE/A 2003 route or just jump into the 2008 certs. If you will be looking at entering the job market very soon, you might be better to go for the 2003 MCSE/A as it is still the most commonly required MS cert for most jobs. If it will be a year or more down the road you might just jump into the MCITP (200icon_cool.gif track.

    Good luck. :)
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    scheistermeisterscheistermeister Member Posts: 748 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thanks for the welcome and the info. I do have the objectives and have started watching the CBT Nuggets for the Linux+, even though it made me want to gouge out my eyes in boredom.

    That wouldn't happen to be a parked Springer Loaded in your avatar would it? My daily carry piece is a worked over one of those :D
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    TryntotechitTryntotechit Member Posts: 108
    I am going to be sitting for the Linux+ this May. I am studying it in school right now.

    As far as the MS certs, if you are going to be going for the 2003 MCSE/A, then I would try to go for either the 70-270 or the 70-290. 270 covers XP and 290 covers Server 2003. It's really up to you, but I would start with one of those. I chose 270 first. Good Luck. :D
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