70-270 and 70-290 reactive??

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I just recently took the 70-270 exam with a friend and after talking about it we had the same amount of questions. I've had people at work ask me if the test is "reactive", meaning if you start to answer questions wrong in one subject, the test adapts and asks you more questions in that subject. Or if you score very well, after you answer enough questions correctly for a passing grade, the exam ends (let's say 80%). I only got a couple questions wrong and I don't feel that it dug into one subject more than any other.

Does anyone know if these tests are reactive or not?



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    I've never heard of that, and that hasn't been my personal experience. I believe the questions are randomly drawn from a pool with a certain number of questions allocated to each area. You will get tested more on some subjects than others, but I don't think that has anything to do with what you mentioned. I looked around on Google quick, but this was the best description of their exam procedure that I could find.
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    The term you are referring to is not "reactive", but "adaptive".

    (From dynamiks link:)

    Q. Which testing technologies do Microsoft Certification exams include?
    A. Microsoft is introducing innovative testing technologies to determine, more effectively, who meets the criteria for certification. Read on for descriptions of the innovations that are available for you to try now, and see more of what will be available in future Microsoft Certification exams.

    The same exam questions are used in both adaptive and traditional fixed-form exams. Candidates are expected to understand the exam content, regardless of how it is presented. Therefore, Microsoft changes the exam format and questions occasionally. In addition, Microsoft does not identify the format of any given exam at the time of registration. Both practices help protect exam security and the value of Microsoft certification. To prepare for the exam, candidates should use the exam objectives listed in the exam preparation guide.

    Computer adaptive testing
    A computer adaptive test (CAT) is customized to the individual exam taker. Examinees all start with an easy-to-moderate question; those answering the question correctly get a more difficult follow-up question. If that question is answered correctly, the difficulty of subsequent questions similarly increases. Conversely, if the second question is answered incorrectly, the following questions will be easier. This process continues only until the CAT determines the candidate's ability.

    The key difference examinees notice between adaptive exams and conventional exams is that they cannot skip or go back and review previously answered items on adaptive exams. A screen at the start of the exam informs exam takers that reviewing previous items will not be allowed. (The downloadable demo that follows is intended only to help candidates become familiar with the testing technology. The content may not be technically accurate and should not be used as a practice test.)
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    Adaptive, not reactive, thanks for the info, that answers my question.
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