Passed Today!

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Test was way out of left field. I almost felt like I had prepared for something different. Score of 733 though!

Thanks alot to Johan for the test notes, I pretty much only used that, wikipedia and for studying. Oh and reading through the forums of course =)


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    congrats icon_cool.gif
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    Yes, the Net+ exam is wayyyy too esoteric. You can't know enough Novel, Linux, Apple and NT4 it seems. And that is a HUGE amount of data.

    But it's done now, good job! What's your next move?
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    Congratulations- and I also agree that the test material covered too many subjects. But, it is considered an entry level, vendor neutral exam which is why it needs to cover so much ground. But like Daniel333 said- who cares, you're done!
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  • aordalaordal Pissed Member Posts: 372

    I bought a book "combo" so to speak from sybex. It has 3 books one for 70-270, 70-290 and 70-291. So I'm going to start 70-270 next. It's a pretty good deal, 3 books, study guides, trial versions of software all for around 130 dollars.
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    Make sure you use more than just the Sybex book (everyone recommends more than one source anyway). I just took the 270 last week and passed without too much trouble. I studied the Sybex book and used Transcender and I have to tell you- if it wasn't for the Transcender tests I'm not sure I would have made it. The Sybex book, IMO, left out a lot of critical details and explanations. I had exam questions that covered topics I studied in Transcender but never even saw mentioned in the Sybex book.

    I'd prefer to give you examples but I don't want to inadvertantly violate the NDA. In either case I don't think it's a bad source, but I just felt like it had some gaps.
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