Quick question... which layer defines end-to-end delivery...

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I have noticed several differences in a couple practice exams and study guides. The one that mainly confused me is this:

HERE ...OSI exam#2(question#14) asks
"Which layer defines end-to-end delivery of packets?"
a . Physical
b . Transport
c . Network
d . Data Link

Now I would say its the Transport layer because that layer handles flow control...basically disassembly and assembly of data.
My Cramsession study guide I bought and printed out says that the Transport layer handles "end-to-end connectivity"...is there a difference in the wording of the two between connectivity and delivery or is it infact the Transport layer and NOT the Network layer?

Oh btw, the answer to this question according to the site was C (Network layer)...which i disagree with.

Correct me if i am wrong or shed some light on this please...thanks!


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    This is a confusing one indeed and I also noticed a lot of contradictions on the web, but I think I can explain this easily:

    The Network layer is responsible for end-to-end (also named source-to-destination) delivery of individual packets across multiple networks, without guarantees. The network layer treats these packets independently, without recognizing any relationship between those packets.

    The Transport layer is responsible for end-to-end delivery of entire message.
    Provides end-to-end connectivity, It allows data to be transferred reliably (for example, with a guarantee that it will be delivered in the same order that it was sent)
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    You are correct according to this;

    The four main functions of the Transport layer are:
    Segment and assemble upper-layer applications
    Transport segments from one host to another host
    Establish and manage end-to-end operations
    Error recovery

    [edited]Thanks for making it clearer WebMaster
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    AnthonyJD81AnthonyJD81 Member Posts: 187
    So to summarize....if you see end-to-end connectivity we are dealing with reliability, or in other words, the Transport layer.....

    And if/when we see end-to-end delivery we are dealing with the Network layer...

    Ok...thanks for the clarification icon_wink.gif
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    WebmasterWebmaster Admin Posts: 10,292 Admin
    Yeah, pretty much, but I wouldn't focus on the words delivery and connectivity to much, it is more in the words packets and entire message.
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