SCJA in the North Dallas area?

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OK... At risk of humiliating myself...
I have failed the SCJA 2 times and am sick about it. This is the last cert I must get to earn my BS in IT.
I have basically no programming experience. I feel I know the Java material and I can code some small programs but I apparently don't know the material or I would pass.

So I am reaching out to see if there is anybody available to tutor me for a few weeks so I can get this cert and my degree. I must pass it by March 30, 2008 or I am sunk.

Any information, suggestions or help is greatly appreciated.


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    If you are not experienced with Java programming, tutoring or cramming won't be much help passing a properly constructed programming exam, unless you are failing just by the skin of your teeth. What will help is to know the categories of exam questions that you are most likely to misunderstand.

    Without giving any details about specific exam questions, what is the content of the SCJA exam questions? Do they ask for a lot of information on class and method names and parameter data types? Are there questions about the syntax of the Java language? Are there questions on object-oriented programming or only about Java-specific problems and implementation?

    Studying only the types of exam questions you have the most problems with will be the simplest and quickest way to pass the exam.
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