MCSA 2k or MCSA Server 2k3

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I am just about to start studying and exploring both paths. I'm in the Army now, with a BSIS but only worked less than 2 years of tech support back in 2003/2004. I'm trying to get out of the Army in the next year and half and would like to start on the certification path to secure post-military employment in IT. What's the better path to follow between these 2?
Thanks for any suggestions.


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    The 2000 exams retire at the end of March. Those aren't really even a plausible option for most people anymore.

    I think a better question would be: 2003 or 2008? 2003 will still be used for years to come, but 2008/Vista will be widely used 18 months from now. Given your situation, I'd suggest you go the 2008 route.

    Regardless, you should start with Vista, 70-620. It can be applied toward both tracks.
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