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Is this the right place to ask a question on Outlook, or some other forum, someone please advise. Thanks!
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    Off Topic might have been a bit more appropriate, but I think you got close enough. It's not like you put it in the Linux+ forum. If the moderators feel that this thread would be more appropriate in another forum, they'll simply move it.

    You've already got the thread going, so you might as well toss out your question ;)
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    Thanks and here's the question--

    A user at my company has Outlook 2003 opening new emails very slow on his computer, like 10-20 seconds. If he starts in safe mode, things fly. I have done the following:

    - Checked for update #931768, a known MS problem that slows down Outlook 2003. Not present

    - Went into C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook folder to rename the outcmd.dat file (size just 3kb), Outlook response time INCREASED, but only marginally.

    - Checked Add-in manager, no add-ins present. Size of the outlook.pst file is less than 300MB, but he does have a few archived folders and more than normal folders open in Outlook. He is in the process of putting all those folders in to the archive as well. Told him this could be one of the reasons for slow Outlook response.

    - Ran outlook in cached mode and cleared out his cache, didnt help.

    - Created a new Outlook profile, named it 'test', created new email account, no difference in opening new emails.

    - Created a new local profile, same result, no difference.

    - Deleted outcmd.dat file, reopened Outlook, still no difference.

    - Unchecked all add-ins, disabled windows messenger integration.

    - Disabled Symantec plug-in, all to no avail.

    - Size of outlook.pst files is not big, about 300MB.

    Any ideas??
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    What applications are running at windows startup? Are you using Norton Internet Security?

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    We do have Symantec running, but the internet security feature is disabled.

    BTW, I just stumbled on the solution to the problem...

    I just disabled MS Word integration with Outlook, lo and behold, Outlook was behaving it should have been. All good now mate, and thank you for all ur support/advice.
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    Although you have a workaroung already. This is just FYI.
    I'll try move the outlook.pst to another pc preferebly with the similar environment (not import, just copy and past the same file). This is to eliminate the possible problem of the outlook.pst itself. That also a small program call SCNPST (C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\1033). It oftenly not helpful, but just try it. (backup you pst first)

    i have came across a scene that it is a spyware that causing the slightly slow on machine but significant crawling on outlook. Just keep that in mine. My Symantec End point 11 isn't performe good enough, get a second opinion like Spyware Doctor.
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