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As a newcomer to computer training I wondered if you might give me your opinions as to which certifications I should pursue. A quick background to my situation: At present I'm a professional trumpet player. My wife is also a professional musician and since having children we've decided that with all the late nights and travelling (not to mention the poor treatment and wages) that one of us needs to get a proper job. That someone is me! I started with the Cisco Net Acad a year ago at the suggestion of a friend of mine as I could do the work in my own time without it interfering with work and have so far passed my Intro exam and expect to get my CCNA by the summer. Along with this I would like to get some Microsoft qualifications as I feel it would be very useful whether or not I go along the Networking route. I'm already being asked to 'fix' peoples computers and most of the time I'm able to help. It's amazing how little many people know about their operating systems. I'm running XP Pro on my PC and Vista on my laptop. Is there a starting point I need to begin at or can I go straight into XP or Vista studies? Also, should I have covered other things before looking at the Server 2003 material? Sorry for my ignorance, I'm clueless as to the whole process. Any help would be appreciated. Miles.
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    There's no need to apologize. Most people start with the A+ and Network+ to develop a good understanding of hardware and networking. Since you're already on your way to a CCNA, you could probably skip the Network+. You may want to consider adding on the A+ since that will probably help you land an entry-level IT job. As far as Microsoft goes, you're right; a Windows client exam is usually where people start. You might as well go with Vista at this point since it will count toward the MCSE 2003 as well the new MCITP Enterprise Administrator.
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