How to create Virtual Server(s) and Machine

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Hello everyone! I am new and would like info on creating a virtual environment.
I am going after my MCSA and want to practice at home. I really am not familiar with virtual environments and don't know what I need. I would like to create a Windows Server 2003 Domain Controller with Active Directory for the server (other suggestions). Then I want a Windows XP Pro client, W2K Pro client and possibly a Vista client.

Can you tell me what you recommend for the software needed (I heard VMWare Server, but what else? Is there any other Virtual environment I should look at instead? Is the VMware Server download all i need?

How or where can I get copies of Windows 2003 Server, W2K Pro and Vista? I have XP Pro CD.

Is there anywhere that shows instructions on how to load the VMware Software and then how to load the OS's into it?
Any help is greatly appreciated!!!


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