difference between Solaris admin, Aix Admin Unix Admin???

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Hi there can somebody tell me what is the difference between Solaris admin, Aix Admin, and Unix Admin. Which one has more demand and popularity intermesh of job market. I am MCSE certified, however when I go for jobs interview many place ask me one of those, which one is appropriate that I should be taking.

Thank you


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    Solaris is a sun built operating system built off Unix
    AIX is an IBM built operating system built off Unix
    HP-UX is an HP built operating system built off Unix

    Unix is the backbone of all these OS's.

    Are you seeking Unix jobs with no experience? I'm not understanding why they ask you that in the first place unless they are just curious if you have Unix experience at all. If the job doesn't require it, then you don't need to have experience in it. They are probably just trying to size up all your skills.
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    All flavors are out there, but I would suggest Sun Solaris.

    You can download OpenSolaris and start playing with it on VMware or on load it onto an x86 machine.

    Once you get the hang of one of the *nixes the others will come much easier and faster. Even learning linux, or bsd will help. Sure there are many differences just like win2k is different than win2k3. But if your a master at one you will become a master at the other faster.

    just dive in and start to build your skill set. For me the unix bug bit hard and I just couldn't get enough...
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  • huddahudda Member Posts: 101
    Honestly speaking it is not my best interest to take UNIX, or AIX. I have basic knowledge about UNIX and Linux commands. when I tell them I am MCSE, and Exchange server certified, they keep emphasize that we need some one in UNIX or Aix……bla bla……… they just wanted to size up all my skills I guess as you said. I think that is all it is frustrated I am working Deskside job which is not dealing with Active directory or exchange server, I really wanted to expose my self to that filed. How I find it very difficult almost 6 months trying to get in Admin or Exchange area.........

    Here now Microsoft just release win 2008 server after a while they will stress, that who has win 2008…………… I think may be in state is better to get into big country more opportunity but in Canada is not that easy……..

  • livenliven Member Posts: 918
    Don't stress,

    Right now I am seeing all kinds of windows admin posistions, and not so many linux/unix posistions.

    But I am sure it goes back and fourth.

    Keep learning and in time you will get your chance.
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