How To Configure Patton mDSL Modem as Back-to-Back ?????

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Hi everybody,

I have two mDSL 1088 C Patton modem which i want to connect them to each other via a leased line (Cat 5 Cable which wires 4 and 5 is conected as straight-trough) in my Lab.

One Modem is connected to 2621XM Serial 0/1 interface and another is Connected to 2501 Serial 1 interface. Both of them connects to their router via DTE V35 Cable.
DIP switches are configured same, and DSL Link is ON (Green) , TD and RD is also ON (Yellow) and TM in ON (Yellow).

my router's interfaces is UP, but line protocol is down (Looped) and i can not ping them.
both of Modems is configured as Local (When i config one of them as Remote, the link is break and NS Led to be ON (red) ).

How can i configure these mDSL modems back-to-back via mentioned routers / another routers that can be ping and communicate.

My Lab has 1601, 2501, 2511, 2621XM Routers.

I will appreciate you.



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    DIP switches are configured same
    For Clocking, shouldn't one side be configured as the Central Office (internal clock) and the other side as the Customer Premise -- which means they probably shouldn't have the same configuration.
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