Which to do next 70-630, 70-236, 70-301 - help!

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Hi Guys,

After some advice.

Which would you recommend, as a contractor I am trying to get steer my career towards the Project Manager / Business Analyst type role..
I have my Prince2 and MCTS: Managing projects

So I am looking at maybe doing infrastructure deployments of products like Sharepoint (which I am seeing more and more of on the job sites) so I am considering doing 70-630

I also think Exchange 2007 is a valuable one to have so 70-236 might be worth a shot (problem is - I have done some exchange administration before but not for a long time and would basically be starting from scratch)

THe other area I am looking in to is 70-301

anyone have any experience of the above or any comments on which they see as the most valuable going forward and the relative difficulty of each of these exams.

On a side note I've also been looking at the CWNA as I see that as another vaulable exam to have with more and more companies deploying wireless as part of the enterprise.




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    You could go for the professional-level project certification: http://www.microsoft.com/learning/mcp/mcitp/projectserver2007/pm/default.mspx

    Also check out the Project+, PMP, and CAPM.

    I don't know how much I'd worry about Exchange. You're going to need to know 290, 291, 293, and 294 (or the 2008 equivalents) in order to be an effective Exchange 2003/2007 administrator. You would really be getting into the technical side of things, and it doesn't sound like that's necessarily where you want to be (though you may want to start there and work into project management -- it's up do you).

    Sharepoint is an amazing product, and having some knowledge of that will likely benefit you as well.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
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