Any reviews of the CBT Nuggets CCNP Series out there?

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Now that it's been out for a while, I was looking for some feedback on Jeremy Cioara's CCNP video package? I will be working towards getting at least one if not two of the exams out of the way this year and I'm looking for something to supplement the cisco press self study guides.

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    I'd like to see some Trainsignal reviews too (Chris bryant)
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    I haven't seen Jeremy Cioara's CCNP package, however I have his CCIE nuggets. If his CCNP nuggets are anything like his CCIE ones- they're great. Cioara is undoubtedly my favorite instructor from CBT Nuggets.
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    We had a review on the CBTs a while back you could probably find it if you search the forum.

    I have used the CBT Nuggets for my CCNP exams so far and have really liked them. They are not a sole source of information, but a good introduction and great review. Jeremy is pretty easy to follow and keeps your attention with some real world scenarios in there.

    I watched some of the Trainsignals for BCMSN, but I wasn't impressed. I think the CBT Nuggets are a lot better. If I only had to get one it would be the CBT Nuggets but if your company is paying the tab I'd check out both to see for yourself.
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    I have all the CCNP CBT Nuggets and they are awesome. MUCH better than the Linux+ CBT Nuggets. I highly recommend them.
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    I have the CCNP CBT Nuggets and they are pretty good. Jeremy is hilarious and makes the course amusing, but still informative. I'd highly recommend the CCNP CBT Nuggets for initial study material or review.
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    Thanks everyone!
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    djmd wrote:
    Thanks everyone!

    I also would like to add a lil bit of my recent experience with CBT Nuggets. I totally agree with the rest of the crowd on here about Jeremy. Just as a heads up regarding about him teaching Multicast. In my opinion, he doesn't go into depth about Multicast in his newest CBT. I would recommend to anyone that they definitely find some other source that explains in detail like Cisco Press about Multicast.
    Being how a lot of people get smacked hard during the test with Multicast (Including myself), Just thought I would throw that out there.
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    happy420golucky, I feel that people studying CBT's should follow up with more in-depth material regardless of how thorough Jeremy or any other instructor may be. That being said, I agree with you that multicast was definitely the low point of that video series. I think that that may be the case because multicast is a surprisingly in-depth subject for the CCNP track.
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    I agree Paul!...i usually start off with the CBT and then reading and then read again while taking notes, i find it easier to pick up the material that way. Then again that's me, I would not suggest on using CBT's only, use it as an aid and not a means to an will be sadly disappointed when you try taking the exams
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    They have poor customer service.
    I live in Washington DC. I purchased a one year subscription . I used to be able to watch cbt nuggets with my IPAD with a Verizon Mifi 4g . But in the past two weeks the videos don't load. I know it is not an issue with my Verizon Mifi connection because I can watch youtube videos or movies with my IPAD and Mifi.
    They have No customer service on the weekends. I guess they think customers don't study on the weekends. They should at least have one person for support on weekends.
    During weekdays customer service is only pacific time. When I tried to call on a Saturday the telephone voice message is full. When I tried to send email my email bounced back.
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    This wasn't worth bumping a six year old thread over; but I there's that.
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    Their videos are good their customer support is horrible.
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    Wow, this is an old thread. Btw Trainsignal got sold, it's now Pluralsight
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