Recommended Lab Setup for MCSE

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I needed some advice on a efficient and cost-effective lab setup for taking on the MCSE exams.
I have an Acer 2.4Ghz, 512 MB ram box, and a ASUS 2.6Ghz 1 Ghz ram box hooked to each other. The Acer presently has the Server OS and the ASUS has the XP Pro OS. What I wanted to know is for running Virtual PCs, what minimum RAM and processor speed is needed.

Would I need to ramp up the Acer or perhaps just get a new machine? I have seen a few threads that you guys have got going, but wanted some advice on the machines I have got presently.

Advice is greatly appreciated.
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    If you don't feel like adding more RAM:

    For 512MB Acer (Server) I would format the HD, install Win XP and add 1 Virtual Win XP machine with allocated RAM of 256MB.
    For 1GB ASUS (XP) - Add (2) Virtual 2003 Servers, 384MB of allocated RAM each (you can even reuse the .vhd file for the 2nd one).
    This would leave physical XP on both machines with 256MB of RAM. If you won't be happy with the speed, you can always add 512MB to each machine later.
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