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next week i am asked to install a callmanager server on an mcs server.but i have some doubts.when i look at the MCS server from HP i can see 2 rj-45 ports(for redundancy) and i see
a couple of hard disks on the server.i know how to install callmanagers but i have no idea what
to do with this multiple hard disks and rj45 ports.


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    A clean install of just callmanager, an upgrade of callmanager or the whole thing OS and all?
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    There is an HP NIC utility that you can use so the two NICs provide redundancy and/or load balancing. If a NIC fails, the other will keep CM connected to the network.

    Each NIC should get connected to a different switch to avoid a switch failure having your CM isolated from the net. Just make sure the VLAN on both ports on both switches is the same :P
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    Version of Callmanager?

    Model of Server?

    Size of hard drives?

    And what the heck.... how much memory?
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  • mattsthe2mattsthe2 Member Posts: 304
    well first off the hard disks are just part of a logical array in a RAID environment so the whole system is created as a logical drive.

    THe two NIC in a teaming environment are not supported by Cisco. But i guess that it is a perfectly acceptable to assign two IP's and plug them into two different switches although we are not doing that.

    Good luck
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