Do I Need Windows 2000 Pro/Server?

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I am re-reading the Exam Cram 2 Security+ book and came across some information in the Self-Assessment. The book says I need to have a machine with Windows 2000 Pro and Server. How do I get these now? Do I really need them?

I just read a post about the 15 question limit and think I may need to buy another of the recommended books for Sec+. I have the ExamCram Practice Question book already and I have downloaded a practice exam from PrepLogic.

I really want to pass this on the first try.. so please provide tips/info...



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    What did it say you needed them for? The questions on the exam are pretty broad, so I wouldn't be too worried about it if you have a decent understanding of Windows in general.

    Pick up the Syngress book and Transcender if you're worried about failing. It'll cost a little more up-front, but it's less than paying for a retake.
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    On page xxxiv (paraphrased ExamCram 2)

    If you haven't worked with Windows 2000 Server or ISA Server, then you should obtain one or two machines and a copy of Windows 2000 Server... It also recommends getting experience with Linux or Unix servers.

    I will take your recommendation for one of those books.. :D

    Thanks again,
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    I do not remember having any questions specific to windows 2000 and definately nothing about ISA.
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    awesome.. thanks.. I will use the practice exams I have, and if needed, go for the Syngress book..
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    I remember thinking the exam cram was just so-so for this exam.

    The main things you want to concentrate on for the Sec+ are the Access Controls (rbac/mac/dac), encryption (a huge portion of the exam), and pretty much all the objectives listed on the CompTIA web site to some extent or other. I don't think a copy of W2K is necessary.
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    don't forget PKI.

    Check out Tcat's PDF over at

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