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Hi again,

Sorry to be a pain with all these questions, but I just need a few more thinks cleared up in regards to Macs. Mac experts HELP!

For a Windows client NT/2000/XP to communicate to a MacOS server, I am assuming...
- With AppleTalk alone on legacy Machintosh servers, not possible and further more ...
- You cannot unless the Mac has AppleShare IP configured which enables NT, 2000, XP. Vista workstations to communicate to Apple Servers

For Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista to communicate to OSX server SAMBA must be installed and configured.

For Mac client to communicate with Windows Server NT/2000
- Install AppleTalk Protocol

On Windows XP, Vista AppleTalk is not supported anymore? So how would you connect to legacy Apple servers using XP and Vista.

And how does a Mac client communicate with a Netware (IPX/SPX) server. or it can't?

Am I right in these statements... somehow I feel that I am confusing AppleTalk, AppleShare and AppleShare IP. Plust does anyone know where AFP Protocol fits into the scheme of things?

I hope in the next version of the N+ exam they will throw all this rubbish out and just concentrate on Samba when it comes to Macs... in the real world I doubt anyone even uses Mac servers.


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    I guess to answer my own question ... I did a tad bit more research:

    Accessing Macintosh services for Windows
    Windows NT/2000 users can access Mac services if the Mac Server has:
    - File Sharing enabled
    - Both Mac and Windows have AppleTalk Protocol installed
    - Mac server must be running AppleShare

    The above will not work for XP/Vista as they DO NOT support AppleTalk protocol.

    Accessing Windows Services for Macintosh
    Windows NT/2000 must have:
    - AppleTalk protocol
    - File service for Macintosh
    - Print service for Macintosh

    The above will not work for XP/2003/Vista as they DO NOT support AppleTalk protocol.

    Apple File Protocols (AFP) can run on both AppleTalk and TCP/IP networks. AFP is a network file system just like NFS for Unix and SMB for Windows. Earlier versions dubbed "AppleTalk File Protocol", did not support SMB/CIFS, NFS etc... later version of AFP dubbed "AppleShare File Protocol" does support SMB/CIFS.

    *** I still do not know how legacy Macs talk to Netware servers (IPX/SPX) also UNIX/LINUX (Samba?) and vice-versa? ***

    For XP and above, Apple Macs must have AppleShare IP enabled, as stated XP/2003 and Vista DO NOT support AppleTalk protocol, neither do new versions of MacOS X.

    On newer MacOS X servers, you can just use Samba for Windows/*NIX communications as it comes preinstalled. On Windows 2003 servers, you don't have to add any extra protocols as the new OSX systems support SMB, therefore communications just happen without installing anything extra on Windows 2003 +, right?

    I probably just made things a little more confusing.... probably... maybe someone out there can really dumb this down.

    Thanks in advance!
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