Linux Professionalism in the Enterprise

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Okay, just a random thought and I was wondering if you know any articles or have an opinion on this?

How many of you actually deal with the corporate stuffy types? Personally, since taking this job I do it almost daily.

You see I was reading an article on some random Linux distribution which included the Iceweasel Web browser. Can you imagine standing in front of a corporate office and with a straight face pitching Iceweasel? I don’t know about where you work, but you’d be laughed out here for even saying Iceweasel to the CEO/CIO.

Iceweasel could save them a million dollars and it would never get approved (I know Iceweasel probably won’t save anyone a million dollars, I am just using it as an example). Linux needs a marketing team to improve their professionalism. I am sure a good presenter could work around it, but I am also sure the naming conventions used by Linux often hurt it’s cause.

I realize this is partly a cultural thing as well, so there American ear Firefox sounds hip and interesting and Iceweasel sounds like it’s a bad carrot top impersonator.


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