When will this exam get revised?

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I'm thinking of taking 70-291 after I passed 290, and although I have a basic comprehension of networks, I feel that maybe I should study for this certification to build on my understanding of networks.

But since this exam is from 2005, I'm assuming it will be revised this year (I seem to recall to have read somewhere that CompTia revises their exams every 2-3 years), so maybe I ought to finish my MCSA by summer and go for the new revised exam instead (which was my initial plan).

What do you guys recommend?
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  • flares2flares2 Member Posts: 79 ■■□□□□□□□□
    It actually was just revised this past year. When I took it last summer it was N10-003 CompTIA Network+ (2007 Edition) Exam.
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    Well, you can apply Net+ and A+ as the elective towards your MCSA. But you are probably better off getting the Vista cert as your elective so you can start working toward the 2008 cert line up.
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    I'm studying 291 right now, and IMHO, N+ does not help much with it. I took N+ in November of this past year, and even though it is still called N10-003, the test questions were radically different than the "new" study materials.
  • Dracula28Dracula28 Member Posts: 232
    What are the new study materials? My knowledge of CompTia tests isn't particularly vast, so I don't really know much about these tests.

    What does N10-003 mean? Does that mean that its the third version of the Network+ exam, meaning that it has been revised 3 times already?

    Plus I was thinking of taking A+ as well, but I saw that there are four different A+ exams, and I'm really not too keen on spending about $1500 just so I can get the A+ certification, as it really is an entry level certification, and the only reason I was thinking of going for Network + and A+ after finishing MCSA, was because I felt I should build somewhat on my basic knowledge of networks and computer hardware.

    I don't work much with new hardware, so I often feel that my knowledge is somewhat outdated in that particular field, so I figured it'd be nice to update my knowledge about hardware by taking A+.

    If any one could give me some info on the Compita tests, I'd appreciate it. :) I was thinking of ordering this book from amazon.com


    but I'm a bit unsure whether I should do that or not, now.
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    Just a correction, for the A+ you take only 2 exams. The A+ Essentials and then pick one of the other three for your second. I personally don't feel that the A+ is all that current with hardware but then again things haven't really changed much. Processors and memory still plug into motherboards after all.
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  • Dracula28Dracula28 Member Posts: 232
    What book would you recommend for A+? I've read somewhere that there are some books out there, that still have some stuff about win 9.x, not that it would matter that much when it comes to hardware, beside if I want to learn about an OS, I of course go for the MS training kits, or any other book devoted solely to that subject.

    One last question, when will Linux + get revised?
    Current certs: MCP (210) MCSA (270, 290, 291 and 680) MCTS (680, 640)
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    flares2 wrote:
    It actually was just revised this past year. When I took it last summer it was N10-003 CompTIA Network+ (2007 Edition) Exam.

    The N10-003 exam has been around since 2005.

    Your exam listed as '2007 edition' merely reflect the year of your exam...it has no bearing on the objective version.


    Nothing has been announced yet for a revision, but when they do they announce with plenty of time. I wouldn't worry about it, and even when there is a revision....you will need to know plenty of the 'older' or shall I say current objectives regardless. They don't re-write them entirely...some technology may be retired from the objectives while new technologies will be added.
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