Questions about the A+ certification exams

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I have a question:

I took my A+ back in April, 2002 and passed both on the first try.
At that time there were only the 2 test exams the Core and the OS I think (220-221 and 220-222) I was down sized at that time and school training was paid for by the state. I found new employment in the customer service field and used my training some in and around the office. I helped the IT dept when they needed help but not as much as I would have liked to. Eventually found employment doing first line software/ tech support.

I had not followed all of the changes with A+ over the years I know you don't have to renew your A+. Now I look at it and with the changes in 2006 I see there are a number of exams to take! A+ Essentials, 220-602 IT Technician, 220-603 Remote Support Technician and 220-604 Depot Technician. So is the certification I currently hold seems to be outdated then? Correct me if I am wrong I could add the 602 to my current certification?

The reason I am asking and I was just down sized again six years later. Luck for me the state is going to pay for more training again only this time I am going to take several courses and going for the MCSA. These courses are going to include an A+ refresher to catch me up on things. Should I focus on the 602 or look A+ Essentials as well? I do computer repair a side business so I have lots of hands on, but from a certification viewpoint is it that important!

I allowed my self to get side tracked for few years and never kept up with all the changes in certification. The up side of being down sized is I'm getting back on track with my goals:) the IT field is where I want to be, and the IT field here in west Michigan is growing especially with all the new hospitals and medical institutions moving here.

Sorry for the long post!

Thank you for any feedback




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    An A+ is an A+. You don't need to worry about taking the updated exams. If you feel like you're behind with the material, pick up a book and go through it. You won't see any additional benefits for passing the exams again though. I'm sorry no one got back to you sooner; sometimes a post can slip by unnoticed.
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