How much study time do I need to pass the netowrk +

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hi i am new to this site, and like some advice on how much studying time do you actually need?
I have little experience in networking.

I am currently reading network+ certification by mike meyers. Will this enough information to let me pass the exam?

I have never been certified before and would love to pass the network+ to be my first one.

I like to get my A+ first but i cant afford it. So i decided i will go for my network+ as
i would like do something to do with networking as a job in the future.

Help me
Hacking the MainFrame's


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    They say about 50 hours a cert + 6 months experience. Depends on your knowledge and study time really. I am HUGE fan of running every lab to build experience as I too am still learning. Net+ is one of those test though you can pass just by memorizing questions and answers though.

    I recommend starting with ($30) and watch the videos there. After that go ahead on rock any major book working through labs.
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    You can make up any or all of the recommended experience with a little extra study time. I wouldn't get too hung up over that. While you can pass with nothing but memorization, you will gain a more thorough understanding of the material if you actually practice and apply the material (don't take this too far though, no one is expecting you to setup a token ring network).

    The Meyers book is a common resource for this exam. Also, be sure to check out this site's technotes as well:

    You can also supplement those with Transcender and/or CBT Nuggets, but it sounds like you're tight on money.
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