need information on exam 070-284

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hi there,

i would like to ask one simple question i'm confused about...i'm doing MCSA ,so far i've done 070-270,070-290 and left with 2 more 070-291 and 070-284...thing is i want to know do i need to do 070-291 before 070-284 or doing 070-284 before 070-291 would be fine?i've got 070-284 class starting next week..should i not take the class because it doesn't make sense to do 070-284 without 070-291 or will there be no problem doing 070-284 first and 070-291 later.....

Suggestions will be greatly appreciated... :)


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    I've said this many times before. If you are going to eventually go do your MCSE and your MCSA:M, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS do your 70-291 AND 70-293 first. The reason is 70-291 discusses DNS and 70-293 introduces you to certificates, NLB, and Clustering. All 4 of which will help immensely with your 70-284 studies.
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