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Not directly CCNA related but figured this could help someone else at some point.
I currently have a 3725 with 3 T'1s running into it for internet connection. Each T1 comes into a WIC1 DSU-T1 V2 card. In addition to those 3 T's, I want to bring 2 more T's for a seperate point to point connection to another office. So i would be using 3 T's for Internet and the other 2 for the point to point. Since i only have 3 WIC slots i assume I am going to need to buy 3 of the 2 port Wics instead.
Now my 2 questions;

1. what is the difference between the VWIC-2MFT-T1 and the VWIC-2MFT-T1-DI?
2. is what i am trying to do as easy as i make it out to be in regards to using 2 ports for 1 link and 3 for another? There is no issue with how many ports need to be used or anything?


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    The DI version (drop-and-insert) lets you cross-connect time slots from one port with the other. One example would be to share a T1 for voice and data and send the voice traffic to your PBX -- check out the example in Figure 2 in this link. A sample configuration (for data) can be found in this link

    It should be simple changing your single port versions for the 2 port versions -- since the increased port density is one of the "features" on the data sheet. :D

    Do not confuse the VIC-2MFT-T1-DI with the VIC-2MFT-T1-DIR -- the DIR version only works in a specific Cisco Mobile Wireless Edge Router.
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    Thanks for confirming this.
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    lex0429 wrote:
    Not directly CCNA related
    Hum.... this could be useful information for the CCVP guys -- since that's why I know about the DI version.

    I'll move it to the CCVP forum, but leave it linked to the CCNA forum.

    So all you people building up your home Voice Labs -- avoid the DIR version of the VIC-2MFT-T1s!

    And the 3725s are good routers for a Voice Lab -- I've looked, but haven't got any in my home lab.
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