70-214 test material recommendation?

Need some software. I have the syngress book, it has some, but would like a little more. Examforce has some, but dont wanna spend 99 bucks.

Any recommends would be apprec
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    I too am working on the 214 exam and was wondering the same thing. I reviewed several books, Exam Cram and Meyers' Passport, but opted for using the MS MSCE course binders instead. Not sure if you have those or not. The 214 info is spread out over three different binders so juggeling them is tough. According to the MS Prep Guide you'll need the info from 2150, 2153 and 2800. Not sure why 2800 is all that important, but...
    I also went to the cramsession web site and they offer a free (vice $10) 214 **** sheet that I copied into word and printed. About 50+ pages of pretty good stuff.
    You could also go to certcites.com wherer they offer a top 10 study tip paper for things you really need to lookout for. The also offer other top 10 papers that I grabbed as well. All really good stuff. I used them to get a heads up on 218 and it went well for me.
    Hope all goes in the right direction for you.

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    I am actually currently working on the 220. But i have my 214 syngress book on the shelf.. I have noticed alot of the stuff is the same as the sec+ exam. But we all know how wordy microsoft likes to get.. They like to talk 10 lines about what the company produces and then ask what port do you enable to use l2tp. Bla.... At least MS seems to be reasonable. Took Sec+ 2 times.. failed the second time by one questions.. Needless to say, i am not impressed with their wording.. Actually the only reason i am taking the 214 is to fulfill my mcse prior to my SEC+ test date coming avail again. But at least i will have a security mcse.. Anyway, thanks for the info i will check it out.. I know it is a reletively new exam, so sources are scares.
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    I know its expensive but I always go with transcenders. Definately the best testing software out there. You can also go to www.examnotes.com which has free technotes (not all inclusive but they are free).
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