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Passed today w/ a high 800 score. Felt that the material here and at MC MCSE was pretty right on.

Some background - I took the A+ late last year, the new CCNA early this month, Network+ last week, and then Security+ this week. I only studied for a week, but have lots of experience. Even so, for me, this was the easiest exam (or maybe the exam with the best prep material).

Only used free online materials as I'm out of work and in a hurry.

I know the questions depend on the pool, but the practice questions matched pretty well the scope an knowledge base.

I think there were only two examples where I saw new information (WPA was brought up in comparison to WEP).

They really want you to know MAC/DAC/RBAC - I got maybe 10 questions on that. Maybe only 3 questions on ports, but you might as well know your ports. I didn't freak out with the first 15 questions as others had and thought most were written relatively clearly.

Although in a couple I could swear that multiple answers were correct and had a heck of a time picking which was 'best'.

All the old materials seemed relevant so if they are changing things they haven't changed yet.

Good luck.


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    great job done :) . Can u tell me as to how indepth is the exam when it comes to knowing the BIT size of the KEYS involved in the Various Algorithms like DES / RC4 etc. Thanks.
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