connecting a vista computer to Win2003 server

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I have just installed my windows 2003 server and run the DC promo and configured my DNS name, IP address, DHCP scope address, Subnet mask etc. I cannot locate the server on my vista computer but I can ping the server. I have adjusted my TCP/IP IPV4 on the Vista computer and put it into the same subnet as the server but I still cannot see the server no can I join to the domain.

Can anyone help?


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    What do you have your DNS server(s) set to on your Vista machine? You need to point them at your DC (or another DNS server in your domain) in order for Vista to locate a DC.
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    I have made the neccessary adjustment in the network connection and also checked that the DNS service is running on Win 2003 server.

    How come I can not use the network discovery service on Network and sharing center to locate the server on my Vista PC?

    I will try setting up the DNS server agin.

    Thanks for help.
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    You need to set the DNS server(s) in Vista to point to DNS servers in your domain because they contain the SRV records that are necessary to locate domain controllers. You can't join a computer to a domain without it being able to find a DC.

    I've noticed that DCs do not show up when browsing the network but member servers do. I assume this is a security feature. I'm not sure what gets disabled, but you can probably re-enable it if you want. I'm kind of curious about the specifics of this myself.
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    I will play around with it on Monday and I will let you know, I am off to work for the weekend so I cannot set it up.

    I will try a Virtual XP pro Pc and then let you know how I get on because I need to seup a server for my 70-290 exams study lab.
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