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Hi just thought I'll write a little bit on my experience with CompTIA.

I studied a hell of a lot first of all, I invested over 40 hrs and read 2 books twice, Sybex and N+ Bible, did the Trainsignal CBT training and also did a few practice tests. I MADE SURE that I knew all the compTIA objectives well and in-depth. Not to mention 5 years of IT experience.

Even after all that preparation there were HELL OF A LOT questions that no matter how much I would study, just would not know how to answer, and left me wondering wtf? So what could I do closed my eyes and picked something at random.

The test itself is awful, the wording is pure rubbish, the questions are lame, and contradict themselves. There were a few questions there that really had no right answer... and on retrospect there were a few questions that really had no wrong answer.

By the end of it I had 28 questions in review. I really though that I was going to flunk and held the edge of the seat when i pressed the FINISH button. This is not because I did not study and I did not know the material, I knew the material very very well, I understood everything the books had to cover and memorized all the charts, lengths etc... etc... just the questions were sooooo awful, lame. Maybe they want you to fail and at AU $420 per exam I can see why.

Oh well, and that's folks what really grinds my gears. I am glad that I studied for this as it really did teach my a lot about networking, I am happy about that. Don't regret it.

I've noticed a lot of people here had the same problem with the questions. Maybe for the people that passed and the ones that failed the 2007 exam we could make some sort of a petition for CompTIA to rethink their questions and rewrite some useless sh** to benefit the future test takers.

I really would stay away from CompTIA but I need to learn everything there is to know about servers for the job I am doing at the moment. so Server+ is next. After that I am saying goodbye to CompTIA and their lame ass exams. I want to focus more on Microsoft and Cisco, at the very least they would probably have better quality control in their exams I would imagine.



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    I agree 100%

    I did both A+ and N+ a few months ago under the new test structure, and while everyone here swears up and down it should be easy and the exam covers the same material, only people that have taken it know.

    I made a similar post after each of mine, and have seen a few of these type posts since...and had a friend take it...twice. The questions are irrelevant and do not evaluate your learning or grasp of the concepts at all. I honestly cant believe many of those questions were QA'd and given the thumbs up. I'm glad to have them done, but those 3 tests i did were rediculously rediculous.

    Though not without its faults, the MCDST was much more relevant, and thus i feel, more valuable.
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    Damn that means I'm in Deep ****, for my exam next saturday. Glad that u have shared your experience with us. Good Luck on your future certs
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    Totally agree m8 this exam was complete garbage Im glad to have it behind me.
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    Study you Novell,Mac OS, Unix, Apple. And know your fiber, lenghts connector type.

    Good luck
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    spartensparten Banned Posts: 72 ■■□□□□□□□□
    agreed, i studied my ass off and the questions **** sucked had nothing to do with my study material. i can take any practice test on the net and score above atleast 80pct easily.
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    I know the feeling
    just passed with 659
    and I can tell you the questions are bullsh*t

    I mean they asked questions like:

    802.11 uses what frequency range?
    A:5 GHZ
    B:2.4 GHZ
    C:2.45 GHZ
    D: all of the above

    as you all know 802.11 is either accompanied by and a or b or g
    to difrentiate between frequency's

    Pure Bullsh*t

    and for the record I selected B becuse its more common, and still got it wrong icon_eek.gif

    report says I can't identify 802.11 standards.
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