CCNP Academy Lab Manual and CCNP Lab Portfolio!

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So here I am at work at 5:30 and i get an urge to redo the labs
I've done so far...then i noticed something on during the challenge
part of the lab (topology change)

this is where i do a trace for from R3
then shutdown the fast(eth) interface on R1
while pinging from R3 and see how many packets it drops
before going a diff route.

well since this was my 2nd time doing the lab, I noticed that
for some reason it went to a route that
was supposed to be down!!

low and behold I look at the diagram and compared it
with the labs configs and they are mismatched!

R1 ethernet int is supposed ot be using per the diagram
while serial int is and they were switched!

I then decide to look at the academy lab manual and they are the same! switched!!!

I'm glad to be practicing and finding these things, goes to show that 1 source
is not enough for studying....

I should probably report this...
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