CCIEs by specialty?

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Is there a web site where you can find information about how many there are by specialty?

I was checking some web sites and apparently there are only about 500 CCIE voice enineers, but there is no information on how they obtained this information. They just give the number.

I recently saw somebody on these forums saying he passed recently and he was CCIE 19K something, very close to 20K, but then saw somebody else saying there were only 9K people in the world holding the CCIE certification. This means most CCIEs have more than one expert cert...

Anyways, the question is, does anyone know about some web site with detailed numbers about the CCIEs? Specifically as to how many of each specialty there are and, if possible, where (country) they are?

Thanks in advance...
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    The stats are a little out-dated. DT recently snuck in just under 20,000.
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    They are definitely over 20000, now. I saw recently on a website two people in the 20015-20020 range. Keep in mind quite a few people among the 20000 have either let their cert expire, are no longer in the business or whatever.

    So, the true count about how many active CCIEs are out there is significantly lower. Your stats about CCIE Voice, I think do fairly closely reflect the number of voice CCIEs, but someone else will surely chime in with that on here.

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    Remeber the first CCIE was number 1025 so there are about 1000 less numbers than the highest number, and the stats on Cisco's site are updated every 4 months or so. On the worldwide statistics site it says 15,658 and at that time the numbers were in around 19200 (according to groupstudy "I passed" archives). 19300 - 1025 - 15,658 = 2617 or so CCIEs who have let the cert lapse or are cuurrently inactive because they didn't hit the 2 year recertification requirement.
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    Supposedly (I havent seen their certs) we have two CCIEs here in DR. They were 4 about 4-5months ago but two left, one to US and another to some US company in Asia. None are showed in the official list.

    Damn! Only 99 Storage networking CCIEs? Are they not demanded enough?? What kind of jobs do they do?

    EDIT: They have 12 listed on Caribbean, they should be there....

    Edit again: The ones from the DR are not was really late and i was sleepy when i checked :D.
    Training/Studying for....CCNP (BSCI) and some MS.
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