Passed but prometric issues omg

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icon_eek.gif I sat the test this morning and passed with 857 but I am movin through the exam i answer the question but I guess didn't scroll all the way down or across on one of the frames and boom. Get the error message that says you havn't viewed all the material which triggers another error message that says the same thing. So It puts me back into the question and I scroll down the whole vertical bar to the bottom. Hit next and boom another fine prometric moment. I had to call the exam proctor or whatever you call them. I was able to get right back to where it was when it kind of crashed. I guess I didn't scroll the entire horizonatal slide bar over the entire way and 2 errors in a row must cause bad things to happen. I thought aw crap here I am half way through and going to have to restart. At least I didn't loose progress but jeez I never had these issues with VUE. Then

Then I hit the end test score exam get the congrats screen and hit next and some error kicks out that said error in G*results. Proctor brings my score sheet and says everything is fine here is your score sheet with the pass on it. At least I got the score sheet for proof and hopefully my Microsoft transcript updates in a few days just hearing the horror stories around these parts has made me wiser to cover my behind when dealing with Prometric. Ugh one more to go for the MCSE :) 297 coming up in 4-6 weeks and systems admin duties of the daily grind.

Glad I used the test objectives to study for the exam cause some topics that were glossed over the MSpress book were only a few pages in the text, yet numerous questions regarding them on the test. Good luck to all that follow on this exam.


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