Have Net + Certfication, what cert should i get next?

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Hi all,

I would first like to start off by saying this site is awesome. I found lots of good info here.

I just passed the Net + exam last week and would like to pursue more certifications, but I am unsure what I should pursue next. I have a BS in Computer Science. I have been working as a Network Security Engineer for about 13mths now. I want to get a cert that will be valuable to me as a professional in any technical career(not just network security). I was thinking about maybe pursuing CCNA or MCSE. What are your thoughts?

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    Do you plan on staying in security or do you want to move in another direction? If you like security then I would probably take my MCSE first also taking Security+ as my elective part of my MCSE. This way you solidify your security end (job description) and strengthen your system end of your resume. If you want to dive my into the router end of the field I would take your CCNA and then your Security+ then if you got time finish off your MCSE.
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    Im doing my CCNA at the moment but is Net+ a good thing to do? Im thinking about doing my MCSE after my CCNA it seems likt a good course that i will get a lot out of. have not seem much on network+ are they worth it and will i get much out of it after my CCNA?
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    regardless of whether you want to follow m$ or cisco tracks, 70-210 or 70-270 from m$ probably wouldn't do any harm.

    it's like, if you go for a job in a warehouse, having a forklift cert could come in useful ;)
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