Need help getting into a 2501 bought off eBay!!

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I got this 2501 off eBay a while back and just recently fired it up. I'm having trouble getting into it, however. Everytime it boots up it says it's available, press return, etc. When I press enter it asks for user access verification. Now I've gone through the steps for resetting the enable and secret password about a half dozen times now. I'm just coming to realize that the enable password must be different than a user access verification password. I tried to find anything out there on this issue but haven't been successful as of yet. Any thoughts on how I could get into this thing would be great! Thanks!


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    Follow the password recovery steps but instead of resetting the password use the "erase start" command from privileged mode, and reboot. The router currently has a configuration to check username and PW attached to the console and you need to get rid of it (or simply erase the startup config and reload so it's a blank config)
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    Thanks for the replies. The "erase start" command seemed to do the trick. I wasn't completely sure it was working because it kept booting up afterwards to the 0x2142 registry. I got it switched back to the 0x2102 and it wasn't asking for any passwords, so I think I'm all set. Thanks again!
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    keep in mind besides the register setting is that it sounded like it was asking for a console password which would have been the line con 0
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