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Hello all! I'm trying to play with SDE on a 2801 and am having trouble getting it to work properly. I've tried reading the Cisco site but it still isn't happening. Right now I'm just connecting from my tower (serial) to the console port. I'm able to use hyperterminal to use the CLI. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong...


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    You need to connect your computer to the router via an ethernet port. You can't run the SDM over console.
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    I had a feeling that had something to do with it. I just now have to figure out how to set the router and switch up so that I can still use my company's network DHCP. If there's anyone with a link I'd appreciate it, if not thx for the reply anyways.
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    Tony44119 wrote:
    I just now have to figure out how to set the router and switch up so that I can still use my company's network DHCP.

    If you don't know what you're doing, it's probably not a good idea to plug the router and switch into a live network while you play around with SDM icon_eek.gif

    SDM download and configuration information is here

    But if you're feeling lucky -- on the router
    config t
    interface fa 0/0
    ip address dhcp
    no shut
    line vty 0 4
    password cisco
    show ip interface brief

    You may have to the "show ip interface brief" command a few times until you see you got a valid network address.

    Routing will probably be enabled by default, so it wouldn't use a default gateway -- but it should work if your PC is on the same network.

    But I won't risk the wrath of the Spanning-Tree Gods by helping with the switch configuration -- don't do it!! Don't plug it in unless you know what you're doing!! ARGH!!!!

    Wouldn't you rather just use a cross-over cable and hard code an IP to match your PC? It's a lot safer.
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    Thx for your reply. I spoke with a few people here and they advised me to do the same instead. I'm going to have a cable guy make me a crossover and they acquired me a test PC. The trouble for me is that I'm new to Cisco stuff so setting up a test environment is intimidating. Thx again for your help!
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    Setting up the test environment and making mistakes in it rather than on the production network will save you the embarassment my friend!!!!

    Somehow makes the intimidation from setting up the test environment vanish....... icon_lol.gif

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