Prices on routers and IP phones?

How pricey are Cisco IP phones (say, 2940s or 2960s - I think I have the numbers right)? What about a Cisco router with voice and T1 capabilities? I don't need the best, just something that would work for getting me past the cert. exams. I'd first be interested in the cost new from Cisco; then perhaps eBay.

Does anyone have a guestimate?
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    I've gotten the 7940s for as low as $50 each and the 7960s for under $100 -- but the prices do fluctuate and have recently gone up a little. But then I scored some newer 7961s for $119 (and some people got them for even less since it was an eBay Buy it Now or Best Offer)

    For cheap voice routers, you can't beat the MC3810s. The supply had dried up for a while, but they are back on eBay. I just scored an MC3810-V3 for $10. Follow the advice in these threads about buying MC3810s

    Sample MC3810 output in this thread

    Overpriced 1760-V with CME installed are available on eBay around $350 -- I pieced mine together with VICs for under $250 each, and then also tossed in the VIC-1MFT-T1 or VIC-2MFT-T1. But the MC3810s are your cheapest MFT-T1 solution.

    1721s and 1750s can also support VIC cards if they have the PVDM installed -- so search eBay for the 1750 Voice version of those or check the Cisco Docs for an idea of what to look for.

    Other Voice Router options are the 2600s, 3640s, 3620s, and the more expensive 2600XMs. The NM-2V modules have been cheap lately, and the VIC-2FX0 and VIC-2FXS to go in them have been available for around $50-60 Buy it Now (or less if you bid for them). The NM-HDV modules can get expensive and you still may need to install your own PVDMs. For other voice modules and VICs check the cisco docs to see which routers support them.

    You can look at the "new in box" 1841s and 2801s (and 2811s) on eBay to get an idea of the cost of the new Voice Routers. Remember that the newer VIC2 interfaces are more expensive than the older VIC versions.
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