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I've been studying for Sec+ for a couple months and I feel fairly comfortable with the material. I'm almost ready to take the test and could schedule at any time, but I don't have the cash to retake if I fail, plus I'm not sure if the cert with have an immediate benefit if I pass, due to the fact that I have a job. (Although that paper cert would look nice framed) icon_wink.gif

Where I work, they use Netware for file and print sharing, and NT/2000 for everything else. I'm really thinking of going for MCSA on 2000 because I want that knowledge, plus I think it will help me at my job. It's between MCSA and Server+.

BTW, we don't maintain servers there.


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    If you're doing something related to security, then you might want to consider taking your Sec+ plus. If, on the other hand, you're doing server administration/design stuff, then you can go for the MCSA. Just remember that MCSA is not only one exam. The same thing applies to MCSE, so if you're low in $ then you might want to consider taking Server+.

    Your final choice will definately depend on what you currently do at work or what your job requirements will be in the near future; or, if you want to be promoted, what skills you're required to achieve for promotion.

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    How about going for a CNA, if it will help you with your job?

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    I know you don't use 2000 at work but what's the harm in going for a MCSA 2003 cert? Certainly save you the trouble of having to go for an upgrade cert later on in the future.
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