Salary question for a position

BigToneBigTone Member Posts: 283
I'm currently in a helpdesk position that is making upper 30's. I am thinking about interviewing with a company that has posted a salary for a helpdesk position between $32,000 - $51,000 per year.

Current Company: Upper 30's salary
~400 users
50 miles away plus tolls
Network administrator is leaving in a few months and I get my hands on a lot of technology (currently doing an AD migration)

Interviewing Company: Local Hospital
20 minute drive
Not sure about # of users or anything else yet.

I know it doesn't look good to take a pay cut on a resume, but working closer to home would be great. With an MCP, A+ net Net+ an a solid year of experience would it be fair to ask for 40k+ at the interviewing company?

I'm not even sure if I'd get an offer I still have to set up an interview.


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