Newb Question. Connecting routers with ethernet not serial!

lildeezullildeezul Posts: 404Member
HI. i was thinking about random stuf icon_idea.gif And i was wondering when you connect router to router , people use serial cable and usually set the clock at 64000. thats 64mB/s right?

but if i connected my router with 10/100 ethernet (interface ethernet 0/0) with another router's ethernet interface should i run 100mB at full duplex?

wouldnt that supply a faster data rate??

also can routers perform in full duplex. because to my understand full duplex can be achieved b Switch-Switch Switch-Host and Host- Host using a crossover cable. Can routers be setup with a cross over cable to run full duplex at 100mB/s?

just wondering if people setup their router connection by ethernet instead of serial. and would that supply a faster data transfer rate??

sorry for the newb question
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  • remyforbes777remyforbes777 Posts: 499Member
    The clock rate is not the bandwidth. A serial link operates at 1.544 Mbps which would be equivalent to a T1. It is used to emulate a WAN connection so that you can practice WAN protocols like Frame Relay.
  • phreakphreak Posts: 171Member
    As remyforbes777 stated you are looking at two different technologies.

    One is serial, the other is Fast Ethernet.

    If you were to connect two routers together with a crossover cable and configure the interfaces appropriately, you would be able to establish a 100Mbps Full-Duplex link.

    If you set the speed at 10 but duplex full, you would now have a 10Mbps Full-Duplex link.

    If you set the link at speed 10 duplex half (or speed 100 duplex half) you'd have a slower link even more, because instead of both routers being able to talk at the same time you now have it set so that only one router can talk at a time.
  • hypnotoadhypnotoad Posts: 915Banned
    64000 is 64 kb/second, so your ethernet traffic will slow down when it goes over the serial link. But your 100-meg-full-duplex stuff will still be fast if it goes over one of those interfaces.
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