MCDBA2003 or MCITP DB Admin & DB DevelopSQL 2005

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Good Morning Chaps

Little background before my question is fired off. I have worked in IT for about 10 Years System Support, Network Admin and the last 4 Years a SQL DBA. I have just been made redundant from my well paid fairly local job and with the money I have got going to ivest in myself on a 30 day course in sunny Goa. I currently certfied as follows A+, Network+, I-Net+, MCP 70-210, 70-229.

My question is which certificatation do you think would help me best to get another well paid job. In truth I did minimal DBA work in previous job I know how to do the basics in SQL 2000 on Query Analyiser and Enterprose Manager and used DTS quite a few times.

So which one will have the best benefit to me?

MCDBA 2003 (I have already passed one exam for this though it was a good few years ago but still would only need to pass 3 more)


the 35 day course to learn and Pass all 6 Exams to be MCITP Database Admin SQL 2005 and MCITP Database Developer SQL 2005.

Could do the MCITP course in less days as they have a fast track option but I have never used SQL 2005 before & I want a proper foundation of knowlege that I retain.

Thanks in advance :D
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