pls help!! failed net+ need advice. =[ =[ =[

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k well i need some advice. i failed net+ yesterday w/ a 494. i needed a 554 so thats not too far off i guess. i seemed to miss alot of objectives for some reason =/.

i used testout to study which was great for a+ but i guess i was studying the wrong stuff, there was an awful lot of novell/mac questions that were unexpected. but hmm can anyone recommend any other FREE study methods? how does work for everyone who has taken and passed net+ ? i dont have much money to spend really, as i just wasted alot of money failing on the test.



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    Sorry to hear that ya failed.

    I keep seeing people say this about "novell/mac questions" but wonder exactly what was it about these items. I've studied the protocols, permissions, and interoperability (and anything else in my study materials) but can't shake this horrible feeling that I've missed something.
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    There are a ton of Novell/Apple/Mac OS questions in the test bank. I recently got to take half a test and was hit realy hard with novell/apple questions. The Technotes here are really good i have gone through them a few times and they where a excellent complement cto my studies.
    I will know tomorrow whats going on with my test since i only was given a 57 question test instead of 85 questions.

    I look forward to taking the exam again. In a few weeks.

    Good Luck And Try Again

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    thanks, i plan to take the exam again in 2 weeks but im not sure exactly how i should prepare. i dont want to waste another $232 for the exam. its very expensive for me,
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