Test at 1:30pm CST 2/29/08

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Ok, I have pounded out MSPress and Transcender, looked up some technotes, even downloaded the demos for MSPress and Self Test. I got an 835 on 293 which most people say is harder than 294. Do I have anything to worry about?

I'm up on GPO, GPMC, sites, GC, trusts, functional levels, FSMOs, AD backup/restore. I've read over the exam objectives and think I have a handle on it. Is there anything tricky on this exam?
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    The exam was a lot easier than I expected. If you feel pretty comfortable with that stuff, you'll do fine.
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    Brush up on software deployment as well. 293 and 294 are difficult to compare difficulty-wise. 293 is much more technical while 294 is more theoretical. I guess it depends on how you're wired. Past experience plays a significant role as well. I've seen people say that 294 was quite difficult. I'm not trying to make you nervous; I'm just warning you to not take it too lightly. Good luck!
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    Thanks for the help...I'll let you know later today. I'm hoping for only 298 for MCSE!!!


    I passed with an 857. Now 298 to go for MCSE. I got a little tripped up on trusts in 2000 environment, none of the three sims made me flinch. Some of the questions didn't seem to have sufficient answers, its almost like they were asking what would your first action be? Cause the answer alone would not resolve the stated situation. So happy to be done with the core tests. I know 298 is case-study format, and I have heard 299 has no sims. I plan on doing 298 then 299 to complete MCSE:Security.

    Thanks for your help and input.
    Studying for MCSE: Server Infrastructure (70-414 left)
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    Congrats! ( A little late)

    Hope to get as close as you are soon... Sadly I think I'm going to go in order

    which will give me my MCSA at my 5th test. icon_sad.gif I just think I should go for the 293 after the 291.
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