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Hi All,

What a great forum you guys have here! Been reading this for few months now thought Id add my pwn post.

I have recently completed a CCNA course and am looking to start a good revision program. Does anyone have any ideas? Im not a network engineer by day I work on Avaya pbx's and am looking to jump ship lol

Also I have read on here about practicing loads just wondered on what to practice and when? Also does anyone have any labs that I can use?

I have my own kit at home which consists of 3 x 2610 and 2 X 2950's im keen to get these on line and start practicing commands.

Would be grateful for some guidance on this?

LAB - 4 X 2651XM's 1 X 2620 3 X 2950 1 X 2509 AS 1 X 3550


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    I would set up some simple labs and just mess around with it. Some Ideas are:

    routing protocols (RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, static)
    VLANS (trunking and access ports)
    router on a stick

    Just implement them in your lab and play around with the debugs. No way to learn like just getting into it!

    Plan on moving on to the CCVP with your voice expereince?
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    Yeah we have a single Avaya Definity cabinent -- I can see where you'd want a job change :D

    There are some lab tutorials on this site under Cisco.
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    If you don't have access to real equipment get a 2nd hand switch from Ebay (you can get good deals on 2924XLs, slow but well featured) and download the free Dyanamips/Dynagen router emulator - if you get GNS3 it includes these engines and a great GUI front end. You will need to source the Cisco IOS images yourself though.
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    If your CCNA class used the official courseware, you may just want to get the Todd Lammle's CCNA Sybex book (6th Edition) and do the exercises in there for the hands on practice.

    If your CCNA class was more of a bootcamp (fast and furious and confusing), you might want to get Odom's Cisco Press CCNA Certification Library. Then just sit down next to your home lab and start reading.

    Either way, check out the exam blueprints on the Cisco CCNA Page for the tasks you should know for the exam(s). Make sure you practice the configure, verify, troubleshoot, implement, etc tasks.... and learn the rest of the stuff. :D

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