To go MCSE 2003 or not?

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Hi there
Now that i finally got enough money and time to start my certifications, I wonder if I should go for MCSE 2003, or are there any newer courses and certifications already out for server 2008?

Any information appreciated


  • dynamikdynamik Banned Posts: 12,312 ■■■■■■■■■□
    The 2008 exams are available. Are you working in IT now? 2003 will still be in use for many years, but if you're just getting start and aren't planning on working for awhile, you might want to just start with 2008. Vista can be applied to both the 2003 MCSA/E and the MCITP: Enterprise Administrator, so you might as well start there, regardless of which route you ultimately decide to take.
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    New certs and tests are out for 2008 if you want to go the TS route. I had to make that decision a month ago and went with MCSA since it wont expire, and IMHO Vista/2k8 will be passed over by many companies...given the solidarity of XP/2k3. I'll prob pick up certs again with Windows 7 and its server partner.
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    Definitely go 2003. It is going to be the standard for a long time.
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    blargoe wrote:
    Definitely go 2003. It is going to be the standard for a long time.

    And there are already tons of people certified in it, too, yet not many certified in 2008.

    I agree with the above poster - if you're looking for IT work now, 2003 might be valuable, but if you're realistically not gonna find work for awhile, 2008 is the way to go.
    Good luck to all!
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    Since the 2008 drop the well respected MCSE title, you should certainly continue if only so that HR deparment resume scanners can find you. Anyhow, windows 2003 is still for sale! And will be supported for at least 6-7 years after it is discontinued. So there is a lot of jobs to be had there.

    Just make sure to take the Vista exam rather than the Windows XP exam, and it will credit toward your MCSE and MCITP.
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